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SEA CAPITAL GENERAL TRADING LLC is a company established in UAE and headquartered in Dubai, directed by and towards the needs of our customers at the opening of new markets in the United Arab Emirates and area countries that comprise the GCC. Gradually as the market was shifting from wholesale concept to the modern trade, SEA CAPITAL GENERAL TRADING LLC is proud to supply an impressive portfolio of internationally recognized brands and to be one of the leading full-fledged distribution, logistics and marketing company covering each and every corner of the market. Our management always ensures that the Quality policy is communicated and understood within the organization for continuous growth & improvement.

We know we have been offered world class service across the globe and this is the sole factor for us to zero-in the firm. The process will starts awareness training across the organization, followed by a Gap analysis then documentation and implementation further followed by Internal Audit and Pre-assessment Audit till the Final Certification is carried on. With quality suppliers from around the world and the most exciting new products available Pulsar Foodstuff Trading offers the best on the market. Nuts, Crackers, Crisps, Fruits make up part of the selection with new and traditional products readily available
SEA CAPITAL GENERAL TRADING LLC is a customer centric company and spotlight on quality and unique design products offering with limited quantity of units for each design to give consumer an edge over others in the society with the possession of the attachments. The company has explored the U.A.E. market needs through its research and found a critical need and huge gap in the designer accessories segment. We offering our customers a high level support and various items with reasonable costs, and offering expellant after sales service.
Auto Accessories Trading has risen to become the market leader by providing creative and innovative services to our customers. We are always committed to provide highest quality products at very competitive price with excellent customer service. We committed to supply that combine excellent performance with simplicity of use, to assure a unique experience. We understand the pulse of what our valued customers need very well. They are passionate about carrying on the legacy under the flagship of SET. Our Trading is committed to continuous improvement and looking forward to new challenges.